Positek's Rotary transducer Family


Positek's RIPS® rotary displacement transducer range includes:

p500 sensor

P500 non contact industrial angle transducer.
E/M/X500 non contact intrinsically safe industrial angle transducer.

RIPS®500 rotary displacement transducer is available in angular range of between 20º and 160º rotation. A linear output characteristic with rotation and with non-linearity of less than ±0.25º for 100º rotation, is achieved by this robust industrial rotary transducer. The analogue output signal represents absolute power and is available on power up. The P500 is a more durable alternative to RVDTs and potentiometers, especially for demanding and high vibration applications.

Performance and stability of the P500 is excellent over the temperature range -40º to 85ºC. The P500 also offers excellent frequency response up to 10KHz. The P500 is available with a wide range of interface options, including loop powered 4-20mA interface for remote sensing. The Intrinsically Safe industrial rotary transducers are available in 0.5 to 9.5V dc and 4 to 20mA (2 wire) from a Galvanic Isolation Amplifier which can be supplied with the transducer.

p501 sensor

P501 non contact miniature angle transducer.

The P501 minature rotary transducer is a non contact rotary transducer which provides outstanding performance and durability for harsh environments. It is a very compact and durable transducer, ideally suited to applications which are beyond the capabilities of potentiometers. This miniature transducer can achieve angular displacement ranges of up to 140 degrees without gearing. The P501 is suitable for many rotary displacement applications in the industrial market but is particularly suitable for automotive testing and motor racing applications.

p502 sensor

P502 non contact small angle industrial angle transducer.
E/M/X502 non contact intrinsically safe small angle industrial rotary transducer.

The P502 rotary transducer is an accurate non-contacting inductive transducer for measuring small angles ( angular range of between 5º and 20º rotation). It has all the features of a P500 with high resolution for small angles.

p500 sensor

P503 non contact flat angle transducer assembly.

The P503 assembly is particularly suitable for applications needing very long life in harsh environments but where low cost is important. This rotary transducer is supplied on a very compact flat, surface mount, pcb assembly. The P503 assembly is perfect for integrating into the customer's product in instances where a separate transducer is not feasible.

p500 sensor

P505 non contact slim-line transducer assembly.

The P505 is a slim-line rotary transducer packaged in a 19mm OD body. It uses the same but miniaturised inductive technology that is used in the P500.


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