Custom Linear and Rotary Position Sensors - Examples

Positek will make changes to its standard position sensors to fully satisfy your specific application requirements.

Examples of mechanical characteristics customisation:

Target, Push Rod and shaft customisations

  • Linear cylinder sensor target tube tapped with M8 thread for mounting.
  • Rotary transducer with the standard 6mm shaft replaced with 1/4" shaft and special mount.
    As above but with 4mm dia shaft fitted to match a small actuator.
  • Short stroke linear transducer with M5 male thread instead of the standard M4 female thread on the plunger
    As above but with M6 male thread
  • Linear Position Sensor with body and push rod extended 50mm
  • Rotary sensor with shaft length extended
  • Actuator linear Sensor with custom M12 target tube flange
  • Miniature rotary transducer with slotted shaft
  • Ball transfer unit fitted to various linear sensors for measurement of moving plates
  • Linear guage head sensor with sprung plunger extended by 65mm
  • Rotary sensor shaft manufactured with flats either side for easy mounting in to customers coupling
  • Stand alone Linear position transducer with push rod extended to match eye to eye length in customer application.
  • P103 linear sensor with extra plunger length to match up with customer application.
  • P101 stand alone Linear sensor with male M8 thread on push-rod
  • Linear position transducer with M12 thread in body and M10 thread in push-rod
  • Gauge head Linear sensor with plunger tapped 10/32 UNF 10 deep
  • Miniature Rotary Sensor with extended shaft
  • Rugged Linear positioning sensor with Shortened Body, 24.5 shorter than standard.
  • Rotary sensor with two shaft flats
  • Rotary transducer with OD 10x13 shaft sleeve.
  • LVDT with 10-32 UNF target end plug.
  • Linear position transducer with spring to extend push-rod & Ball Transfer Unit
  • Linear short stroke sensor with M20x1.0 Mounting Boss.
  • Rotary angle sensor with 3.10 diameter shaft

Connector / cable customisations

  • Rotary angle sensor fitted with BMW spec connector.
  • Rotary transducer fitted with Lemo spec connector.
  • Rotary sensor fitted with AS-6-06-05-PN-HE connector.
  • Linear transducer fitted with AB Military connector.
  • Rotary sensor fitted with AS Micro connector and boot
  • Linear sensor designed to run continuously at 125°C with ETFE cable and low temperature drift of +/-.04%/°C over 85°C
  • Position Sensor fitted with moulded M12 Male Plug connector on end of cable.
  • Linear position sensorfitted with high temperature cable.
  • Linear transducer fitted with special marine rated cable
  • Rotary sensor fitted with 8-pin DIN 45326 connector
  • Rotary posion transducer fitted with mil spec D3899/20WB05 connector
  • RVDT fitted with IP67 M12 IEC Connector
  • Linear Sensor fitted with conduit adaptor
  • Linear sensor fitted with integral cable gland and M20 Conduit Adaptor.
  • LVDT fitted with integral cable gland and PG9 Conduit Adaptor.
  • Inductive Position Sensor fitted with IEC connector

Longer/Shorter designs

  • Linear sensor with shortened body to reduce the distance between rod eyes
  • Rotary P500 sensor with body tube longer by 6.5mm for DMS3101A14S-5P connector and 3/4"-20 UNF Thread.
  • Linear sensor, 122.5 + Travel between Rod-Eye Centres @ min, Max. Travel 55mm.
  • Linear transducer with; Push-Rod Extended: 5.5, Start of Calibrated O/P: 12.5mm from face (270 + Disp. Between Rod-eye Centres Radial versions), Reverse O/P Calibration.
  • Linear sensor with target extended 112 mm, Start of Calibrated O/P: 119mm from face.

Material customisation

  • RVDT P500 with Stainless Steel 316 flange and body
  • LVDT P101 in 316 stainless steel and nylon gland with plastic rod eys
  • Linear P111 sensor in Stainless Steel 316
  • Rotary P500 transducer with S/S 316 Shaft, and Metal M12 connector.
  • Tilt sensor with one piece body tube and flange in SS 316

Examples of customisation for adverse conditions:

Calibration customisation

  • Many different calibration customisations. Extended and reduced body and push rods.

Linearity customisation

  • Rotary 500 sensor with linearity +/-0.25% FS up to 120°C Range
  • Linear 103 sensor with: 0.1% linearity, 316 body tube 3 mm longer with standard length target to move target up coil. Longer coil. (used on bridge measurement)
  • Linear 103 sensor with 1mm stroke and 3% linearity. TC +/-0.025%/°C instead of +/-0.01%
  • Rotary 500 sensor with Independent Non Linearity <0.1% (Up to 90 Degree Span)

Input/Output customisation

  • Rotary sensor with +/-15V input +/- 6V output
  • Rotary transducer with 0 to 2.5 volts output from +5V input
  • All sensors with reverse calibration
  • Linear sensor fitted with additional supply and output transient suppression.

Electronics customisation

  • Any 5 volt position sensor with Remote Electronics, Flanged; 0.5-9.5V 'C' interface; Connected via flying lead with glands, Customer connections via IP65 connector.
  • Linear sensor with remote 2-wire 4-20mA electronics
  • Any 5 volt sensors with remote electronics; 4-20mA 'F or H?' interface; Connected via flying lead with glands.

Examples of performance characteristics customisation:

  • Additional noise filtering on 2 Wire 4-20mA Interface
  • Linear position sensor in SS 316, sealed to IP68 working at 5m in sea water
  • Linear P101 sensor with strengthened backup end cap joint to withstand 20g vibration
  • Transient Suppressor fitted on sensors for lighting strike protection
  • Linear sensor with sewn bellow and high vibration bearings.
  • Linear transducer with Sewn Bellow, S/S Rod-Eye Bearings for Harsh Chemical Environment.
  • Rotary angle sensor with all Stainless Steel 316 housing, IP68 10Bar cable gland.
  • P603 Tilt sensor suitable for -40°C environment.
  • Linear P101, 111, 114, 115 sensors with Probe Cavity Drain Holes for vertically mounted sensors subjected to frequently hosed down
  • linear submersible sensors fitted with Souriau RERM10MT0416 'M' Series Connector suitable for high pressures
  • Linear 117 Slim-Line Position Sensor suitable for Corrosive Atmospheres with Stainless 316 Case and Nylon Rod-eyes.
  • Linear position sensor in SS 316 body parts, sealed to IP68 working at 10Bar in salt water.
  • Submersible Linear sensor with Probe Cavity Drain Holes, Electronics Cavity Potted. Sensors vertically mounted and frequently hosed down.
  • Linear sensors with Sewn Bellow, Nylon Rod-Eye Bearing.
  • 4-20mA sensors for operating temperature range 90-110°C Continuous 125°C Max
  • Linear 100 sensor with SS316 Housing.
  • LVDT with SS316 Electronics Housing, Sealed to IP68 10Bar.
  • Linear 114/115 sensor with Souriau 'M' Series Connector & Plug with 2 m overmoulded 4-core Cable PUR suitable for up to 100 bar
  • LVDT fitted with SeaCon Micro Wet-Mate Series Connector. Suitable for up to 100 bar pressure
  • Gauge head Linear sensor with Sealed Body Tube & Potted Coil, suitable for pressure up to 0.78 Bar.
  • Linear submersible sensor with M16 10 Bar Cable Gland to Suit SeaCon MC-IL-3-M Connector and Cable assembly.
  • Tilt 603 sensor with: SS316 body parts, 25m Flame Retardant Flying Lead (0.75mm sqr cores), Connector to Suit, Cross Axis (y) Errors Checked, for use on drilling stabilised platform.
  • Submersible LVDT with Bellows, Spring Extended Push-Rod & Dome End, Longer Push Rod; for use in Wind Turbine Base Monitoring Pillar Movement
  • Linear 103 sensor with; M20x1.0 Mounting Boss , Cable with 3-pole Deutsch DT 04 3P Connector.




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