Positek Position Sensors Part Number Coding

  Standard Submersible Intrinsically Safe
ATEX & IECEx (Ex ia) APPROVED ANZEx (Ex ia) CSA APPROVED (Ex ia) (AEx ia)
P100 Linear-Cylinder Position Sensor P100   X100 E100 M100 A100 G100 H100
P101 Stand Alone Linear Position Sensor P101   X101 E101 M101 A101 G101 H101
P101 Short Stroke Position Sensor P103   X103 E103 M103 A103 G103 H103
P101 Internally Mounted Cylinder Sensor P106   X106       G106  
P101 Stand Alone Rugged Linear Position Sensor P111   X111 E111 M111 A111 G111 H111
P101 Gauge Head Linear Sensor P112   X112 E112 M112   G112 H112
P101 10 bar Submersible Stand Alone Linear Position Sensor   S114 X114 E114 M114   G114 H114
P101 10bar Submersible Stand Alone Rugged Linear Position Sensor   S115 X115 E115 M115   G115 H115
P101 Slim-lineĀ  Linear Sensor P117   X117 E117 M117   G117 H117
P101 Slim-line Short Stroke Linear Sensor P118   X118 E118 M118 G118 H118
P101 350bar Submersible Stand Alone Rugged Linear Position Sensor   S125 X125 E125     G125 H125
P101 Mid Stroke Position Sensor P133   X133 E133 M133 A133 G133 H133
P101 Slim-line Mid Stroke Linear Sensor P138   X138 E138 M138 G138 H138
P101 Industrial Rotary Sensor P500   X500 E500 M500 A500 G500 H500
P101 Miniature Rotary Sensor P501              
P101 Small Angle Industrial Rotary Sensor P502   X502 E502 M502 A502 G502 H502
P101 Flat Rotary Sensor Assembly P503              
P101 Slim-line Rotary Sensor P505   X505 E505 M505   G505 H505
P101 Large Angle Tilt Sensor P603   X603 E603 M603 A603 G603 H603
s623 350bar Submersible Tilt Sensor   S623 X623 E623     G623 H623
X005 picture Galvanic Isolaion Amplifier   X005 A005 G005

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